Bubbly birthday

Thank god my conference didn’t start until 2 o’clock, giving me time to sleep in, have a slooow breakfast, check out town, and walk to the conference hotel!  A very pleasant walk – out of town center, down a million steps, along the stony beach and along a narrow road made even narrower by construction work. Made it with half-an-hour to spare.  Intense conference start with my favorite EBM:er, Dr. G, who managed to confuse me pretty quickly. Confidence intervals=confusion intervals. I should know this by now, after lots of courses and even the same workshop last year in India. But some things just seem to go in one ear and out the other. This time I got it though. Too bad the two workshops collided – maybe I would have learned more at Amanda’s stats for dummies?

After all that hard work (on my birthday!), I think I deserved that fine glass of bubbly that Nino offered on the terrass before dinner. What a fabulous conference site, right on the beach, with only the sea and the stars around us. And lots of nice people, of course.  Happy birthday it was.


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