Glad and sad

that it’s over. Great conference, intense days, lots of interesting talks, good workshops, some new acquaintances, some old. I survived my 12 minutes of fame, although I had some hickups with the computer and my powerpoint. But I got both applauds and laughs (good laughs) so I hope I didn’t make a complete fool of myself.  I missed not going to the gala dinner, maybe that was the wrong decision, I’ll go next time. But heck – 100 E? Had a nice quite evening on town instead, with german researcher B. Finished off the conference part of my trip with… a swim in the ocean! With staff permission (of course…), I snuck in to the spa and grabbed a towel, and dashed for the beach. Waaaarm water!  Clear. Blue.

Began the non-conference part of my trip with a visit to Castelmola, quaint little village on a rock high above Taormina. And the never-to-be forgotten Caffe Bar Turriso…!


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