Sicilian cuisine

Stumbled into the fabulous restaurant Osteria RossoDiVino – best thing I did all trip. Run by two very competent young sisters, and with two excellent cooks in the kitchen. The freshest fish and other sea food I have ever seen, delivered from the market late morning. I signed up for my first ever cooking class. As it turns out, I was their first ever cooking student! Fabulous chef Fabio pulled it off with good margins. I baked, I kneaded bread, I rolled out pasta, I made tortellini, macaroncini, and farfalle. I cleaned sardines, I cut vegetables, and I stirred in a lot of pots and pans. Mmmmmmm, sooooo good!

Tortelloni al ? (filled with fish paste!), al siciliana, of course.

Tortelloni al ? (filled with fish paste!), al siciliana, of course.


Taormina the beautiful

After that first wonderful espresso (1 Euro)¬†as soon as I landed, an hour’s wait for the bus (in nice company of a German-Sicilian couple going to Lehtojanni), and a 1+ hour’s bus ride with gorgeous views of mountain and sea – I arrived in Taormina. My neighbor on the bus, a friendly Taorminan college girl going home from her school day in Catania, wanted to practice her English on me. I wanted to practice my Italian on her. She became my guide and walked me to my hotel, quaint little¬†Victoria, on chic Corso Umberto. Pleasantly surprised by the hotel – small but nicely furnished and immaculate room, super friendly staff, and right smack on the Corso, between Gelato and Gelato. And wow was that gelato gooooood!