Etna close up

No sleeping in as I had hoped. Even had to leave before breakfast, but the nice fellow at Hotel Victoria gave me a breakfast bag to go. All-day bus trip to Etna, passing through beautiful lemon and orange plantations and the interesting gorge of Alcantara. Glad I brought jacket, it was cold up there at 2800 meters. The last 1000 meters of altitude we traveled by jeep. Couple of other people from the conference, Norwegians and Belgians. Nice group. Lots of black lava. Interesting walk around some of the craters – looked like bomb craters. The summit is 3300 meters but we stopped at 2800 meters. This was the North Mouth – the currently active crater is the SouthEast Mouth. So no real danger to go further – but we were inside a cloud/fog so all was completely white – no views whatsoever :(.  Fun and long day, anyway.